Young Earth Creationists Get Very Confused & Disagree Themselves

When one-on-one with a YEC, I often take this little stroll:

Do you affirm The Theory of Evolution?

“No! I don’t believe in no primordial soup!”

That would be ABIOGENESIS, not evolution, that you are talking about.

“No! I absolutely deny abiogenesis!”

So then, you reject Genesis 2:7: “And God formed the man from the dust of the ground.”

“I don’t reject that! I said I reject abiogenesis.”

So do you agree with the idea that humans are made from the dust of the ground?

“Yes! The Bible says it. I believe it.”

That passage says that biological life (the man) came from non-living material (the dust of the ground), right?


Life from non-life is abiogenesis. You just agreed with abiogenesis and that, in fact, God himself included abiogenesis in his Divine Will for this planet.

“No! Abiogenesis is an idea from the pit of hell, just like evolution.”

I don’t understand how you can agree that Genesis describes life from non-living ingredients but then tell me you reject abiogenesis because it is an idea from Satan.

“Of course you don’t understand. The unspiritual can’t understand those things which are spiritually discerned.”

Yes. You win.

You see, YECs have a number of such “wildcard answers”, replies which can “solve” any contradiction to be found in their claims. YEC answers of this type are the equivalent of the old joke about “Goldschmidt’s Universal Equation Solver: Multiply Both Sides of the Equation by Zero.”

Now how can a survey be worded to capture the views of a YEC? It’s like trying to nail Jello to a wall. Yes/no survey questions won’t get you very far.


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