“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Yes, YECers have raised taking scripture out-of-context to a veritable art form. The “Professing themselves to be wise” passage is one of their favorite clubs, always adaptable to the whatever/whoever foe of the moment. So you can imagine their consternation when I preemptively deploy their own Bible quote-mining tactics by throwing their overused passages at them before they have a chance to throw them at me. When I’m observing YECer ignorance and their denials of evidence in an origins debate forum, I point out the evidence from God’s creation which they are ignoring—but which REAL scientists do not—-and I invoke the Apostle Paul’s testimony before they’ve barely begun to hiss, spit, and sputter:

You YECs call it “creation science” but the Apostle Paul called it “science falsely so called”. Your arrogance in denouncing and contradicting the countless loud and clear answers which the Creator has placed throughout his creation is explained so well by the Apostle Paul himself: Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools!

Then I usually finish with a few choice excerpts from the Old Testament book of the Bible which has the most to say about fools:

The authors of the Book of Proverbs described your folly long before “Lying for Jesus” became the favorite sin of “creation scientists” and their gullible sheep. Those wise ones of long ago rebuked you as “the fool who scorns instruction” and “the fool who mocks those who would try to teach him.” Indeed, those great sages prophesied the sorry state of so many Ken Ham-adoring young earth creationists: There is no hope for the fool who loves his folly.

Yes, I can say from personal experience that few things make YECers madder than hitting them over the head with their own favorite condemnation scriptures, followed up by the countless proverbs exhorting fools to abandon their folly:

So I exhort you, dear creationist, to abandon your folly and your ‘science falsely so called’ and remember that no liar shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Despite your mind-numbing displays to the contrary, ignorance is not a Fruit of the Spirit. Repent ye creationists now before it is too late, when the foolish shall be brought to judgment. “Let he who has ears, let him hear!”

And if I’m feeling particular snarky, having grown too exasperated by YECist denialism, I can’t help but chide them further:

Dear creationist, if you TRULY believe God created everything, then why has that Creator so obviously filled his biosphere with mountains of evidence for evolution and for billions of years of earth history? Is he a liar and deceiver (who therefore endorses your ubiquitous “Lying for Jesus” tactics)—or has he so generously provided in that creation such clear and detailed answers to our questions about that spectacular panoply of life, that only a fool could ignore them? After all, if you creationists consider the Creator to be the Ultimate Designer, the First Cause of Everything, then that very evidence which the Creator put there testifies to what should be your only logical conclusion: the Creator DESIGNED the laws of physics in such a way that life on planet earth was inevitable, and so that those same laws of physics would adapt living things to changing environments and diversify life in that biosphere so magnificently. The Psalmist said, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God…” But creationist, are you listening? Every item of evidence, anywhere in the universe, including the biosphere, is an answer from the creator. Will you listen to what the heavens—and the earth—-are telling you? The huge pile of observable evidence for evolution: God created it. I believe it. That settles it.

No, these tactics aren’t for everybody. But for me, as an ex-YEC from long ago, I speak to them in their own language. For most young earth creationists, that is the only way to reach them.


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