Do atheists actually claim that human minds are “random collocations of molecules”? No.

The regrettable Facebook Group Human Evolution is a FAIRY-TALE STORY has never been a proud venue of Christian virtue and intellect.  The embarrassing rubbish that passes for “creation science” on that webpage is bad enough but the lame misallocation of confused brain cells gets even worse when they obsess on how much they despise “atheist evolutionists”.  Yes, demeaning atheists and all who dare not agree with Young Earth Creationism is a popular pastime there.

A group admin by the name of Atomi Alexandra enjoys delivering both vacuous and venomous vexations on a daily basis on Fairy Tale turf. She recently started a thread with this quotation attribute to Andrew Kirke:

Dear atheist,
Christians don’t believe in a “sky-fairy”, whatever that might be, and if you believe that is what theism entails it’s no wonder you’re an atheist. We just simply don’t believe that human minds capable of rational thought and aesthetic and ethical judgment are simply random collocations of molecules existing in a Universe randomly thrown out into time and space going nowhere, meaning nothing, and slowly succumbing to entropic heat death. — Andrew Kirke

As to the Andrew Kirke quotation, I just want to say that I am a strong theist despite the lame nonsense of Kirke’s dishonest summarization of what atheists think.

Of course, I know of no scientist nor atheist of any type who claims that human minds are just “random collocations of molecules.” (Do you? Name one!) That kind of dishonest, quote-mining disrespect towards your opponents may get you big applause and standing ovations at a conference of like-minded cheerleaders who want affirmation that their opinions are superior to all others–and perhaps convince you that “we” are wiser and more virtuous than “them”–but such lying should not be typical among those of us who claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are called to truth and to love, not to lying and vilification. Why not critique what atheists ACTUALLY say instead of straw man fantasies about what they think? Answer: That would require dealing with the actual views of atheists and require far more thought and effort to rebut. Why are so many Christians routinely expressing admiration toward “Lying for Jesus” tactics? Perhaps Atomi Alexandra can answer that question.

The perpetual denigration memes and themes against atheists on far too many Christian forums is a shame that exposes just how many goats and tares are to be found among those who claim the name of Jesus Christ. We are called to oppose falsehoods and sinful actions, not to despise and lie about the people who Jesus Christ cared about, died for, and called us to love.

I’m ashamed of so much of the pseudo-Christ-like behavior perpetrated against people on “Christian” forums. By their fruit ye shall know them. And indeed we do.

The Bible.and.Science.Forum has discussed inaugurating a Hall of Shame Award to bring such misconduct all of the recognition and infamy it so rightly deserves. Atomi, you’ve got a good shot at it. Facebook member Cza Stx provided an excellent response to her quotation from Kirke:
Oh wow, This meme is actually hilarious. It’s like “Atheists please don’t strawman us” and then immediately straw mans atheism.”
That settles it.  Atomi Alexandra, you are the first recipient of the BSF Hall of Shame Award. Your proud exhibition of such dishonest quote-mining and hypocrisy will continue to serve as a reminder that we must always beware of the tares among the wheat.
By their fruits ye shall know them. — Jesus the Christ
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  1. Cza Stx, I allowed your comment to remain thinking you might simply be enrolling to make future comments. But apparently not. So I’m deleting your comment which makes no sense. But you are welcomed to post and contribute.

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