Aging Professor Aspires to Immortality. Film at Eleven. (If all else fails, Go Viral!)

We live in a sound-bite culture where the just-right-combination of words can make your thoughts “go viral.”   It’s high time Professor Tertius caught up to the times and climbed aboard that catchy, turn-of-a-phrase bandwagon.  So here goes nothin’:

“In regards to the leaders of the “creation science” movement, never in the history of mankind have so few been so proud to know so little about so much. ”  — Professor Tertius

Yes, ya just can’t go wrong playing off of Winston Churchill. It’s that British, stiff upper-lip, endurance thing. (Isn’t that just ducky?) Tally ho and all.  But let’s not forget the unsung heroes of evolution-denialism, the donors:

“Never have so many remained so gullible while donating so much to so few in order to thwart the science education of so many who so badly need to know so much more science than their ancestors did in order to survive in an ever changing, ever more challenging world.”
— Professor Tertius

Yes. That one’s not exactly pithy or profoundly poignant–but it’s true.

“You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. But that’s enough complaining about Young Earth Creationists for now. How are we going to deal with climate change?” — Professor Tertius

What’s the connection? Plenty.  So many of the “creation science” fans who deny The Theory of Evolution also deny climate change.  A disturbing number of them also fear chemtrails and the “Jade Helm” military coup conspiracy.   (I just report ’em. Don’t expect me to explain ’em. And I’m running out of wisdom as well as sound-bites.)

“Ya can’t fix stupid.”

OK.  I know. That one’s not one of mine.  So sue me.  But is it true?  You decide.

Something tells me that a Rod Serling type of denouement should go here:

“No moral of the story. No memorable words of wisdom. Just a story with no ending. A protasis with no apodasis. A Genesis with no Revelation. An Ernie with no Bert.”

Somehow it’s just not the same without the smoldering cigarette. Ya know. The ones from before they all had filters.

How about: “The opera ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.” ?

Better yet: “This page left blank.”

{This essay sold by weight, not by volume.
Contents may have settled during shipment.
Close cover before striking.
No Young Earth Creationists were harmed in the composing of this essay.}

“Sound bites can be memorable without being profound.” — Professor Tertius
(c) 2015. Professor Tertius & the Bible.and.Science.Forum at
All rights reserved.



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