Young Earth Creationist Hecklers Are My Favorite Hecklers.

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Many who think they are familiar with the Bible are only familiar with particular types of traditional interpretations of the Bible. I see that often with the Young Earth Creationists who protest my articles and think that they are going to instruct me in interpretations that I’ve never heard before.

[To be fair, there are also those at the other end of the belief/non-belief spectrum who think that they are going to tutor me on Biblical studies and religious studies factoids I’d somehow never heard of. A few of those hecklers even tell me that all religious studies professors joined university faculties in order to proselytize for their religion. When I point out that my department chair was an atheist who faithfully attended synagogue every sabbath and that there is basically no evangelism (i.e., proselytizing) in Judaism, they go into brain lock.]

Pointing out the exegetical errors as well as the theological bloopers and scripture-illiterate side-splitters of famous Young Earth Creationists gets me a lot of nasty emails from “creation science” fans. Yesterday a Ken Ham groupee rebuked me with what he apparently thought was the very worst of insults: “You make friends with atheists!” Considering that he probably assigns atheists to a contempt scale at least one step below “publicans and sinners”, I asked him if he thought Jesus would make friends with atheists. He wrote back and said: “Of course Jesus would make friends with atheists. But you are even lower than atheists because you are an evil compromiser!”

At least he didn’t call me a son of Satin which still remains my all-time favorite insult from an angry Young Earth Creationist. (I assured the exasperated fundamentalist lady that my late father was a life-long farmer and never had any ties to the fabric industry. Perhaps she thought him guilty of the mixing of fabrics as in Deuteronomy 22:11. We raised sheep but not flax, and the government bought most of the wool in those days.)

I considered telling my critic that compromise can be a good way to encourage harmony because it recognizes the wisdom of choosing one’s battles wisely. Yet, I would also tell him that affirming what is known to be true about the evolution of life on earth is not compromising the truth. It is recognizing the truth–and didn’t Jesus tell us to seek the truth and embrace it? But I knew that that wouldn’t do any good in convincing him of anything. You just can’t out-pietize a self-righteous YEC who thinks he’s on a roll. (Just as a rolling stone gathers no moss, you can roll a YEC in evidence and he will gather no insights.)

Then I recalled something a wise man said about the ballistics of nacreous calcium carbonate crystals produced by mollusks when targeting a particular type of even-toed ungulate. So I sent the first sentence of this paragraph to him as my reply.

Haven’t heard from him since.

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7 responses to “Young Earth Creationist Hecklers Are My Favorite Hecklers.

  1. Anticipating what someone will surely ask: Yes, the ambiguity as to the subject behind the word targeting was indeed deliberate. The same kind of ambiguity and interpretative question arises regularly when studying Biblical texts.

  2. TomS

    I found this book an interesting presentation of the variety of interpretations of the Bible engaged in by the people of the culture in which the Bible was produced. One would have to give them credit for understanding better than us what the Bible could mean. A couple of centuries around the “turn of the era” (including the Bible itself):
    James L. Kugel
    The Bible As It Was
    Cambridge (Mass.): Belknap Press of Harvard U. Press, 1997
    isbn 0-674-06940-4

  3. Cowboy Bob Sorensen – a pot worried about kettles – is basically calling you a liar:

    • It always cracks me up that he complains that me/they/whoever don’t use our real name…yet he is afraid to allow comments on his webpages…and he is so paranoid about his rubbish being copied and laughed at elsewhere that he converts EVERY PAGE to a single “snapshot” so there is no text that can be copy-and-pasted!

      He writes as if ex-YECs don’t exist….and if they do, they became atheists. That’s another reason why he never gives my name…cuz people would read my article and realize I’m for real.

      I should write a blog article of Cowboy Bob’s “greatest hits”.

      Has he ever posted anywhere that YECs don’t control the forum? I would love to debate him where he can’t censor.

    • Ashley, you got me browsing Cowboy Bob’s pages and I am entertained for sure:

      He pretends that dinosaurs in salt water sediments is somehow a problem. (He’s fine with post-flood animals riding floating plants to return to Australia…but he’s never learned about “float-and-bloat” among vertebrate fossils living along rivers and beaches and floating out to sea. I’ve SEEN that happen with dead mammals.

      I wonder if he has EVER tried to educate himself on real science.

  4. If he was so fanatically anti-evolution and suspicious of science, how come he was ever not a Christian I wonder.

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