An Update on Professor Tertius

As some readers know, and as some deduced from the long silence here on the Bible.and.Science.Forum, Professor Tertius has had some recurrent difficulties with disabling strokes.  And once again, he is bouncing back. Yet, pressing project priorities are crowding out some of his secondary pastimes, including this blog. So in reply to many inquirers, Prof T relays his thank yous for your concerns and hopes to be fully operational by early 2016.

Meanwhile, I’m going to ask him about running some of his draft backlog. I’ve had some hectic distractions as well so I thank you for your patience.

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25 responses to “An Update on Professor Tertius

  1. May he get well soon! And God Bless.

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    Heal up and put your nose to the grindstone … gently.

  3. I had indeed been worrying about Prof Tertius because of his long silence; I’m so sorry to hear that my worries weren’t without foundation.

    Assuming that he can face the prospect of receiving best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery from a black-hearted, unrepentant atheist, please give mine to him: they’re sincerely offered.

    And please do keep us updated. His godless fans are thinking of him!

  4. michaelfugate

    I too missed Professor Tertius’ commentaries at the Sensuous Curmudgeon’s site – thought maybe his cover was blown and he was on the lam. This is much worse. I hope for a speedy recovery.

  5. TomS

    I want to add my best wishes for him.

  6. Very sorry to hear this, but let me join with the many others who have enjoyed/been stimulated/been challenged by his writings in wishing Prof. Tertius a full and speedy recovery!

  7. mnb0

    Houd je taai, Derde Prof!
    (Keep tough, Third Prof!)

  8. I just learned the news from realthog. Over at my blog we all miss Professor Tertius’ scholarly commentary. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  9. The whole truth

    I too hope that Professor Tertius has a full and fast recovery.

  10. Ted

    Best wishes. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  11. May your entire Eretz be Flooded with well-wishes, Professor Tertius!

    May you have a full recovery! you are deeply missed — I have learned so much from your comments at the Curmudgeon’s blog.

  12. Gary

    We’ve been missing your commentary on the creosphere, whether we agree with it or not. Always thought-provoking, just as intended. Get well soon, Prof T!

  13. What can I add to the above? My grandfather and (later) my father both suffered strokes, and while both of them lived on for many years, I have seen all too close up what sad effects a stroke can have one one’s quality of living. But treatments and training programs are happily much improved since my grandfather was linked to a wheelchair in the late seventies. I want to extend my sympathies, and may you have a speedy recovery!

  14. Get well soon – we miss you!

  15. Professor, I’ve missed your comments at the Curmudgeon’s blog, despite the fact they are often beyond my limited understanding. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a Happy T-day.

  16. I have received one or two recent emails from Prof Tertius or at least the

    The Prof has blogged previously about YEC ‘Cowboy’ Bob Sorensen.

    Some might be interested that I have just sent a Facebook message to Renee Raven Allen after reading her comment here (responding to cant from Charlie Wolcott and grandstanding by Sorensen – which she appeared to like): (see ‘Why? Outreach’ discussion)
    Seen your protestations at The Question Evolution Project. You should know that Wolcott is LYING if he is referring to MY blocked comments at ‘Worldview Warriors’ (I am not a ‘pill’ I told the truth and his sidekick Risner still blocked me). See my comments here for details: As for Sorensen – he is refusing to respond to THREE emails I sent disproving his blog claims of 5 and 6 Nov that Sorensen ‘eviscerated’ my logic and that I am a ‘liar’. In my case it’s NOTHING to do with me not being ‘nice’ enough and everything to do with Sorensen trying to cover up my exposure of his lying and false libel. More details in the comments here (but I did not print my emails there – email me at and I WILL forward them to you): Mr Ashley Haworth-Roberts”

  17. I TRIED to post a message just now – as sent by me to Renee Raven Allen after seeing her comments to Bob Sorensen (Prof Tertius has blogged about him before) and Charlie Wolcott of ‘Worldview Warriors’ HERE (the Why? Outreach discussion):

    Unfortunately I omitted to save my message. Which VANISHED. Perhaps the message – PLEASE CONFIRM WHETHER IT WAS RECEIVED – got zapped because I included an email address ie MINE? If so, PLEASE publish with my email address removed if necessary.

    I referred Raven Allen to the dishonest behaviour of Sorensen and of ‘Worldview Warriors’ – detailed in discussion at THESE links:

  18. Yahey, Prof Tertius — you’re back! I’ve just spotted your comment rebuking the odious Chuck over at Naturalis Historia. If you don’t mind, I’ll let your pals over at Sensuous Curmudgeon know; we’ve been wondering about your welfare.

    • I’ve had a long series of surgeries as body parts fail me far past their warranty expiration dates. So I’ve been doing much more reading than typing. Even so, I’ve gradually regained some dexterity and most of my sanity. (Staying off the AIG, ICR, and websites have helped with the later—and sidesteps the likely ulcers.)

      Seriously, Realthog, I’ve found that carefully rationing my exposure to Young Earth Creationists and their antics helps maintain general health. I just can’t tolerate the nonsense like I used to in my younger days. We all have our limits, I guess.

      • Glad for the relatively good news, and to see you haven’t changed much. 🙂

        Would you like me to pass along the good news to the folks at the SC site or would you prefer I stayed mum?

        • Yes, I’m fine with people knowing that I’m getting around online—as long as they don’t expect a lot of correspondence in response to their questions/requests. (I don’t handle much public Q&A any more. My days of 90wpm at the keyboard are probably gone forever.)

          I’ve appreciated the many kind messages. I got lots of very nice notes from my atheist and agnostic friends/acquaintances. (Of course, lots of theists wished me well also.) Only some of the angriest Young Earth Creationist messages wished me ill. A few anti-evolutionist YECs were ready and hopeful that I’d soon be arriving in hell for my just punishment. And they let me know it—with great relish! I think some of them hate me even more than they hate atheists. (Of course, I’m talking about some of the most virulent YEC activists/bloggers I encounter in online forums. Most of the rank-and-file Young Earth Creationists in America today are very nice people.)

          Thank you for your kindness, Realthog, and I wish you the vigor of youth that I so often miss!

          • I’m appalled that some people should have behaved like that — my apologies on their behalf.

            I wish you the vigor of youth that I so often miss!

            Your written voice at least comes across as being as full of vim as ever. And I’m a lot more codgerly than you might imagine!

  19. TomS

    This is geat news!

  20. Again, a silence. I trust all’s well.

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