About Professor Tertius

Professor Tertius is the pseudonym of a retired evangelical minister, seminary professor, linguist, Bible translator, and a former science professor at several public universities in the USA and the United Kingdom. [Of course, if you are from the UK, you would call them private universities.]

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the professor was a popular speaker/debater/writer in the “creation science” movement in North America. He left the movement as he came to grips with the copious evidence against young earth creationism and “creation science” within the Hebrew Bible, the abundant evidence from real science, and the ethical conflicts and crisis of conscience which grieved his conscience and made his continued participation in the movement so clearly contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  He abandoned his former Young Earth Creationism beliefs but not his born-again Christian faith and interest in the Biblical texts. His Biblical Studies scholarship, published under his real name, can be found on the bookshelves of the very same young earth creationists who are most incensed by his criticisms of “creation science” and poorly written Christian apologetics. Professor Tertius’ devastating critiques of YECism and “creation science” and behind-the-scenes exposures of the dark underbelly, politics, and sin endemic to the origins ministry industry, both past and present—as well as his ex-YEC, insider familiarity with their arguments, motivations, terminology, tactics, goals, and excuses–continue to produce a steady stream of threats,  accusations, and lies against him.

Accordingly, Professor Tertius is the oldest living ex-YEC  living at an undisclosed location under the Witless Protection Program.  Angry origins ministry entrepreneurs who would try to find him by tracking his IP address when he posts to “creation science vs. evolution” discussions forums and blogger comments sections should resign themselves to the fact that all Bible.and.Science.Forum Senior Fellows use protected proxy servers randomized through proprietary software.  (One would-be hacker who thought he was hot on the trial of Professor Tertius eventually figured out that the fourth level “decoy IP address” was purposely chosen to lead him to the email server of a major YEC ministry! We framed and hung the trace on the copier-room wall along with the failed hacker’s misbegotten, gloating, victory-dance email, which he must have regretted when he realized that instead of finding Professor Tertius, it insulted and announced his hack,  along with responsibility for a huge pile of spam to the ministry’s server, to one of his own YEC heroes:   “You T*rdious One, I found you, you idi0t! Your [sic] hiding in plain sight, at least it is plain sight for those of us who are smarter than you, Grandpa! Enjoy the spam flood! LOL!!!!!”)  And, by the way, one of the final relay servers is in Japan, a nation which has not signed reciprocal “court order/subpoena agreements” with the United States, Canada, and many other countries.  Therefore, those who somehow manage to get a court to help them trace identifies and IP addresses will find that no ISP in Japan will pay any attention to the worthless piece-of-paper, despite the legal gravitas and demanding language! 

Nevertheless, Professor Tertius regularly reminds readers that his harshest remarks against YECism and “creation science” are primarily directed at the movement’s leaders who enrich themselves and mislead a great many fundamentalists Christians, most of whom are very honorable, ethical, well-intentioned, generously charitable, loyal, sincere followers of the Lord Jesus Christ,  but all too often  happen to be overly-trusting and ill-informed in matters of science and scripture exegesis. They tend to believe and totally trust everything taught by the presumably pious authority who happens to most closely match and promote their own doctrinal and spiritual position. (“After all, God promises to lead those with pure hearts and prayerful to the truth—   The professor’s educational efforts while denouncing and debunking the leaders of the “creation science” movement are based upon his personal regret and commitment to help reverse and remedy the damage he inflicted on Christians worldwide due to his lamentable involvement in promoting YECism so many years ago as a young and naive academic misled by the pseudo-scholarship of The Genesis Flood (1962, Henry Morris & John Whitcomb Jr.)  Professor Tertius remains a committed Christ-follower, Bible teacher, researcher, writer,  ministry adviser, and Bible translation consultant as health permits, all for the purpose of supporting the Great Commission, the ultimate occupation and goal of all Christ-followers who are obedient to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As one of the most destructive, distracting, and discrediting movements among Jesus’ disciples today, the movement has degenerated into more and more cult-like behavior in its propaganda, exclusivity, factionalism (e.g.,slippery slope exaggerations, all-or-nothing “logic”, false dichotomies), rationalized dishonesty (aka Lying for Jesus and rampant deceptive quote-mining), and even the promotion of the kind of “another gospel” which the Apostle Paul condemned. (“You can’t be a true Christian and affirm the Theory of Evolution.” and “You must make a choice: the True God or the God of Evolution! There are no other choices!”)  

Because “creation science” is not a science at all—but a poorly executed propaganda movement enriching far too many millionaire, mega-ministry entrepreneurs preying upon the science-illiterate— Professor Tertius carefully emphasizes that fact by always setting apart “creation science” in quotation marks or by italics, so that the two words are recognized as a technical designation of a particular ideology, not an actual sub-field of real science.

Friends of Professor Tertius hope to collect and archive his many years of on-line articles,  forum comments, guest blog contributions, and sermon notes into a convenient, keyword-tagged archive on this website. In the meantime, some of his articles appear on the Professor Tertius and Bible.and.Science.Forum pages on Facebook.

Due to their frustrations at having no scriptural or scientific evidence to support their favorite man-made traditions, young earth creationists and “creation science” propagandists and followers have long been known for deleting/censorsing and banning those who dare disagree with them. Origins ministry website also rarely provide links to the webpages of their opponents, even when they are quote-mining and critique their arguments. YECist citations run the gamut of the inadequate, the insufficient (e.g., only footnoting secondary and tertiary sources), and the non-existent. In contrast, Professor Tertius’ new blog articles will provide clickable links to the Internet material he critiques and reader comments will only be censored or deleted for reasons of obscenity, vulgarity, incitement to violence, legal liability exposure, or potential violations of law.

All blogs and comments attributed to Professor Tertius (or otherwise assumed or implied by default) are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws.  If not otherwise indicated, each is a protected original work associated with the following designation:
(c) Copyright 2014.  Professor  Tertius & the Bible.and.Science.Forum. All Rights Reserved.  Permission requests should be directed to the Bible.and.Science.Forum at the Gmail.com domain.

Professor Tertius’ age and disability may not always allow him to post new blogs and/or respond to posted or emailed comments and questions. When appropriate, Bible.and.Science.Forum associates may sometimes do so on his behalf,-but always with the professor’s prior approval. Any material or ideas not attributable to the professor will be duly noted and identified as such.  Guest blogs and articles will be considered for posting on a case-by-case basis.


11 responses to “About Professor Tertius

  1. Dear Professor Tertius, would you please expand a bit on why you have chosen to remain anonymous in your blog? -Mike

    • I learned years ago that openly opposing YECs from within the Christian community leads to hacking, DOS attacks, and real world harassment and vandalism. That’s not to say that all or even most “creation science” fans are crazy. Not at all. Most are wonderful people. But every group has its crazies–and this particular group has crazies who can be quite destructive and at the very least, waste a lot of one’s time dealing with them.

      I could tell stories of harassment which pursued some scientist friends who debated against YECs on various Internet forums using their real names, so that they could include their university faculty titles and thereby speak for the academy and call them on lies and quote-mines…and now they wish they had gone with pseudonyms as I did.

      • bill weather

        this is all bs. This is some evolutionist trying to smear creationists. what you think he remains anonymous. and they don’t have witness protection programs for such causes. It’s really silly to even believe that


        Welcome, WeatherBill. Of course I am opposed to Young Earth Creationism…not opposed to “creationists” (which I am one in the original sense of one who considers God the creator of everything.)

        I oppose YECism because as a Christ-follower I stand for TRUTH. God has answered our questions about earth history in his scriptures and in his creation. Why ignore them and remain YECist?

        To see what I endure DEFENDING creationists, look at today’s debate at http://sensuouscurmudgeon.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/church-school-biology-teacher-his-student/#comment-83728

  2. By the way, Bill, you might want to investigate the concept of satire. Doing so will help you to appreciate an entertaining genre and perhaps even avoid embarrassment in public venues.

  3. Hi there Prof….good to find your blog…I lean Old Earth…I guess I am an intelligent design guy but to be honest, science is not my field so I have to rely on others for understanding these complex issues…..anyways, certainly Genesis does have more then one meaning to be sure…..the important thing is to acknowledge that their were real persons, Adam and Eve….how and when and how long it took to make them from the All Mighty’s pov, well….I don’t get to worked up about that….


    Devon in Canada.

  4. Howdy superb website! Does running a blog such as this take a great deal of work?
    I’ve no expertise in programming but I was hoping to start my own blog
    in the near future. Anyhow, if you have any recommendations or tips for new blog owners please share.
    I understand this is off subject nevertheless I simply needed to ask.
    Many thanks!

    • Welcome, Armand. In answer to your questions, I would say that WordPress is clumsy in some ways but in my brief review of the various alternatives on the Internet, it appeared to be reasonably passable. So if you are starting a blog as a beginner, this WordPress site is probably not a bad choice for you.

      I would say that you just start with an experimental blog, just to learn how things operate. Don’t announce it anywhere. Just get acclimated. Then, when you know your way around, select your preferred name and post Blog article #1….and then mention it in a few discussion forums to gain an audience. You may even start posting your comments on forums and then mention that all of your comments are archives back at your blog. I had a lot of followers who were asking for “back issues” of my articles, so the blog grew from that. So go ahead and try it.

  5. xaviermertz

    Professor, I apologise for jumping in, but I couldn’t figure out how to respond to a comment of yours over at “The Sensuous Curmudgeon”.
    .Re “Fair to Midlands”, in my sixty-one years I’ve heard and read the expression “fair to middling” numerous times but never once “fair to midlands”.
    (I suspect you were making a joke that went over my head entirely.)

    • I’ve heard and read the expression “fair to middling” numerous times but never once “fair to midlands”.

      You are welcome to jump right in anytime, Xaviermertz. We pursue all sorts of tangents here.

      I would agree with you in that I don’t think I’ve ever seen “fair to midlands” in print. Yet, in the American Midwest and Texas I’ve heard this “corruption” enough times to have it stick in my mind, and perhaps even on the west coast occasionally. I have often wondered if this is the kind of blooper which kids misunderstand and retain for life or if the corruption is very old and has been passed down for many generations.

      In Texas I think the singular of “midlands” is more common and that people really do assume it is a reference to the city of Midland, Texas. Come to think of it, I think “fair to midland” is what I’ve heard in farming communities of the Midwest.

      So many common expressions get mangled into near meaningless strings of words, but it just doesn’t matter much to speakers. My favorite example of that is the tradition of telling an actor “Break a leg!” before he/she goes on stage. Many people even assume the even more absurd tradition of attributing the exhortation to John Wilkes Booth making an unforgettable impression on an audience, as in “Go steal the show!” Yet, to my knowledge, most etymologists assume “Break a leg!” is a corruption of the Yiddish “Hatsloche un Broche”(“success and blessing” after a reversal of the word order.) Yiddish theater in New York City and the Catskill resorts gets the credit for a lot of Yiddish loanwords entering the English language in America.

      One of the most famous of the childhood corruptions of an originally meaningful phrase comes from an outdoor children’s game: “Olly olly oxen free.” Linguists think it was derived from “All ye, all ye ‘outs’ in free” because it indicates the end of a round of play and anyone can safely return to “home” without fear of getting tagged. Some speculate that it represents the attempt by English-speaking children to copy what their German-speaking playmates were saying. [Think about the many “Pennsylvania Dutch” communities in Colonial America and the generations thereafter as entire Amish and Mennonite congregations went west into Ohio and beyond. The German “Alle alle auch sind frei” could easily become “Ollie ollie oxen free”, especially when yelled loudly so that children in a distant hiding place could get ready for the next round of play.]

      (I suspect you were making a joke that went over my head entirely.)

      I do often turn a phrase or exploit a play on words–but in this case I’ve already forgotten what I wrote and my attempt to use the SEARCH prompt at the SC blog did not take me to my relevant comments. So feel free to post any specific excerpts (or email them to Bible.and.Science.Forum at the gmail.com domain) along with any questions you have for me. And that offer extends to everyone at any time. [Time and energy often limit me but questions from the general public have prompted many of my articles and blog comments. Presently my best hand is in a brace.]

  6. Her Royal Sighness

    Are you sure you’re not Jason Lisle secretly posting as his opposition?

    Just a favourite conspiracy theory of mine, as I clearly have infinite time on my hands.

    BTW, if you ARE Lisle, I think you’re pretty sexy for a dork.

    Her Royal Sighness

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